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Nov 12, 2019 | FBST, Foodbank Blog

Many of the Food Bank’s supporters have submitted comments on proposed rules that would diminish Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligibility for millions of Americans. The Trump administration has proposed an unprecedented number of changes that would dismantle this important social safety net program. The onslaught of proposals has been disheartening to many of us who understand how effective SNAP is in providing nutrition assistance to those who need it.

The good news is, the submission of comments on all these proposed rule changes is effective. Feeding America’s legislative policy team called attention to an article in the Washington Post  that highlights how many of the Administration’s proposed rules are being challenged in court and denied.

“The normal ‘’win rate’ for the government in such cases is about 70 percent, according to analysis and studies. But as of mid-January, a database maintained by the Institute for Policy Integrity at the New York University School of Law shows Trump’s win rate at about 6 percent.”

The Feeding America Legislative Team attributes this, in part, to comment generation and the careful reading of comments by those required to do so after a public comment period. They say there’s been “sloppy policy-making” on the part of the Administration – a lack of research and understanding of the policies about which rule changes are being proposed. Comments allow for the public to “punch holes” in the proposed changes and illustrate to the courts how they are unfair or should otherwise not be allowed. The Coalition on Human Needs recently published a more in-depth analysis.

This shows us the importance of remaining steadfast and hopeful in the face of these proposals – and tells us to keep the comments coming!

Currently, we need comments to oppose the Trump Administration proposed rule that would cut SNAP for 7 million people. Submit your comment to stop this proposed rule today!