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Hunger Action Month

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Take Action: September is Hunger Action Month!

Hunger Action Month is an opportunity for community members, businesses, civic organizations, elected officials, and congregations to get involved and take action in their local communities to help end hunger. What can you do? Whether it’s by advocating and raising awareness, making donations, or volunteering, you can find a way that’s right for you.


WATCH WSKG’s Chasing the Dream. Food Bank President & CEO Natasha R. Thompson hosts an eight-week series that explores the road blocks that people in poverty face as they attempt to fulfill their American Dream. The series airs at 8:30pm on Fridays, premiering September 14.


SHOP at your local Wegmans store to Fill the Bus with food donations that will support the Food Bank’s child hunger initiatives.

Go Orange

GO ORANGE on September 13, National Hunger Action Day. Wear orange to raise awareness about hunger in our region, post a photo to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram using #HungerActionMonth.


ADVOCATE for those who struggle to put food on their table.


DONATE Every dollar makes a difference! Each dollar donated allows the Food Bank to provide three meals.


ORGANIZE a food drive for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.


VOLUNTEER at the Food Bank or one of our member agencies in your community.


EXPERIENCE the SNAP Challenge and discover what it is like to live on $4.50 a day. A great SNAP Challenge resource is Good and Cheap, a collection of recipes for people with limited incomes, particularly those on a $4/day food stamp budget.

Share Your Story

SHARE YOUR STORY about volunteering for the Food Bank, helping the hungry or experiencing hunger yourself.

If you are in need of assistance, find a nearby food pantry or meal program near you