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Meet Jessica

Mar 11, 2021 | Newsletter, Foodbank Blog

Jessica, a small business owner and mom of four, makes mini breakfast quiche using items from a Mobile Food Pantry.

“The pandemic has made me realized how resourceful we can be as a family and as a community.”

But when things started to get tough for Jessica and her family, she knew she needed to tap into her community for help.

“I was scared at first to go to the food distribution at first because this was not our situation a year ago. But as I waited in line, I saw other familiar faces. Friends and acquaintances who also were put in a tough position because of COVID-19,” reflected Jessica.

The items from the Food Bank, help Jessica and her husband stretch their grocery budget, while also providing nutritious meals for their kids.

In fact, Jessica has helped others receive the support they needed, by recommending and dropping off emergency food items to friends and family.