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These documents will now be completed and submitted through our online Grants Management Platform here.

Grants Management Platform User Guide

Partner Agency Renewal Application
Please click here to log in to our NEW Grants Management Platform to complete this annual application for 2022.

Due Date: June 17, 2022

In this application, you will find:

  • 2022 Partner Agency Application
  • Partner Agency Delivery Agreement
  • Partner-Driven Pounds (PDP) Agreement
  • Food Pantry Addendum
  • Diaper Bank Program Addendum
  • FreshTrak Data Usage Agreement
  • Just in Time Addendum
Diaper Bank Program
Information about the Diaper Bank Program can be found below:

Enrolling in the Diaper Bank program:

To opt in to the Diaper Bank program as a current partner of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, you must log in to the NEW Grants Management Platform (linked below) and complete the “Partner Agency Renewal Application” (due by 6/17/22). The Diaper Bank Addendum lives within this document.

If you are not a partner of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier and are interested in the Diaper Bank Program, please reach out to us at to discuss eligibility.

Kids' Farmers Market
Agreements for Kids’ Farmers Market for Summer 2022 are due on May 27th. You can fill it out through our online grants management software.

School Food Centers
Applications for new School Food Center sites is now open! Please submit your application by June 3rd, 2022.
Use the link here to create an account and submit your application for partnership.

Existing School Food Center sites can now sign your annual agreements through our online grants management platform.

BackPack Program
BackPack agreements are due annually at the end of June for the following school year and are now signed through our online grants management software. These agreements include options to participate in the School Snack and Produce Programs. Read more below.

We also encourage schools to consider coming on as a School Food Center site. Learn more in that section.

2021-2022 HPNAP Operations Support Reporting Documents
DUE August 1, 2022

NEW for this HPNAP year:

  • Existing delivery programs ONLY: you may apply for Operations Support funding for mileage reimbursement for driver’s who are making deliveries for your agency.
  • Each year this is updated with any adjustments from The Food Bank of the Southern Tier and New York State
  • Request amounts MUST NOT exceed: Capital Equipment – $8,000 + Operations Support – $6,000 = Total Budget: $14,000

Please read the 2022-2023 HPNAP OS-CE Grant Instruction Booklet carefully before beginning the application process.

2022-2023 HPNAP OS-CE Grant Resources
2022-2023 HPNAP OS-CE Grant Question Tables
2022-2023 HPNAP OS-CE Supplemental Forms
2022 HPNAP OS-CE Grant Review Committee



HPNAP Food Grant
2022-2023 HPNAP Food Grant

NYS Department of Health

Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program

Food Grant Application 2022-2023

Due at the Food Bank by May 27th, 2022

All sections must be filled out for applications to be considered complete and eligible for funding.

Please note: Agency HPNAP food grant allocations are based on criteria such as: the number of people served from the previous HPNAP year, agency performance in sending monthly statistics to the Food Bank on time and county food insecurity. Agencies late with statistics for three months or more during July 2021- June 2022, barring extenuating circumstances, will have a reduced 2022-2023 HPNAP food allocation.

Impact Grants

Winter 2022 Impact Grant: Focus on Home Delivery

The FBST Impact Grant is highly competitive. Applications are reviewed by a committee, comprising of FBST Senior Leadership, staff, and prior awardees. Preference will be given to applications that are most aligned with FBST’s mission and primary goals of this grant. 

Service Insights Grant

Read step-by-step instructions on how to apply for this grant here.

Learn more about the grant here.

Feeding America and the Food Bank of the Southern Tier place high priority on understanding the people we serve. In order to support our agencies with the adoption of the Service Insights platform currently known as FreshTrak, we are opening a grant opportunity to agencies already using the system as well as those soon to be using it, designed to help cover the costs of equipment necessary for implementing FreshTrak.

  • This grant is for existing or new FreshTrak users. *Available to pantries only.*
  • Can cover operation support or equipment needs to use FreshTrak at the pantry. Ex. Tablets, laptops, routers, internet (for 1 year only), etc.
  • This is a public and rolling grant. This means it will be accessible to all FBST partner pantries and open for application throughout the year. To apply, please visit our grants management system website. The link to the grants managements system is above under the Grants header of this page as well as a “how-to” guide for creating an account for the system if you haven’t already done so.
  • This grant award is reimbursement ONLY. A pantry will be required to make the purchase first (do not purchase before being awarded funding) and then provide proof of purchase documentation for FBST to issue a reimbursement via check.
2022-2023 Service Insights Grant Resources
2022-2023 Service Insights Grant Cycle Documentation

Ensure you use the proper cycle form for when you were awarded. If you do not know, please refer to your Foundant account as you will be assigned the proper documentation in a follow up form or reach out to Kathryn Miller at

2023-2024 Service Insights Grant Cycle Documentation
Emergency Cold Storage Grant
  • Can cover the costs of a catastrophic loss of cold storage equipment for new or reimbursed units (within 30 days)
  • Now includes coverage for an agency that is experiencing a significant increase in the number of pounds distributed and have increased the number of deliveries each month and are still not adequately resourced with cold storage, that this also is eligible for the ECSG.
  • This is a rolling grant, that is available upon request from your Programs and Partnerships Coordinator, year round, with no set application period.
  • FBST will order and pay for equipment to be directly delivered to an awarded agency to an approved vendor or cut a check for reimbursement.
Annual Holiday Programs - Hams & Turkeys
Hams Request Application – completed for 2022. Check back this winter for 2023 information.

Turkey Request Application – Coming in July 2022. Due last Friday in August – August 26, 2022.

School Food Center Food Grant
For School Districts only.
Current and new School Food Center sites have the opportunity to apply annually for a School Food Center Food Grant that can be used towards wholesale purchases. Applications open each spring and are due on the first Friday of June. The SFC Food Grant application is very short and will take less than 5 minutes to complete and submit through the link at the stop of this section.


School Food Centers Equipment Grant
For school districts only.

Open to current and new SFC sites to purchase shelving, cold storage, carts, and other supplies to make your program more successful. Open on an rolling basis.

Grants Management Platform

Remember: You can use the collaborate feature to have help from others at your agency in filling out any forms/applications!