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What is FreshTrak?

FreshTrak is an electronic client registration platform and data insights tool for food pantries and mobile food pantries. Since its creation in 2012, FreshTrak has recorded over 33+ million service visits. 

With funding from Feeding America, the Food Bank is excited to provide the FreshTrak platform free of charge to our partners. We are here to support pantry partners through every step of the FreshTrak implementation process, including with grant and training opportunities.


Join the 58 pantries across our service area using FreshTrak!

The benefits to pantries of using FreshTrak include:
    • Streamlined intake eases the strain on staff and volunteers (video link).
    • Provides insights into client communities to help you reach your service goals (video link).
    • Track dietary restrictions, specialized services, and other resources (video link).
    • Digital TEFAP attestation frees pantries from paperwork stress (video link).
    • Eliminates manual monthly FBST reporting (video link).
    • Ability to easily gather data gives pantries a leg-up with grants and fundraising (video link).
    • Flexibility to enter service data at a later date (video link).
    • FBST can text and call your clients at your request if you need to cancel a distribution (video link)

FreshTrak log-in page

Click the button above to log into FreshTrak if your agency has an account.

Request a Call or Text 'Em All

Click the button above to request a Call or Text ‘Em All notification be sent to your clients.

For more information, 
Email Service Insights 
607.796.6061 x4037