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President’s Message

Mar 10, 2022 | Newsletter

In addition to flipping the calendar to 2022, there have been a lot of anniversaries lately. I recently celebrated 20 years at the Food Bank, and, throughout this year, the Food Bank is commemorating its 40th year of service. While we don’t know exactly what day the first loaf of bread was shared, we know for sure the commitment to end hunger that propelled the early Food Bank pioneers to action is the same spirit of service that drives our efforts forty years later.

The Food Bank started out small, with a couple of dedicated community volunteers and a borrowed truck. Like the little engine that could, we’ve steadily grown into the organization we are now. That resilient foundation continues to flourish into initiatives that bolster the capacity of our partner agencies, as well as the establishment of School Food Centers to meet the needs of children and families.

As we approached the big 4-0 in the midst of the pandemic, we drilled down on what matters most and refreshed our core values to guide us into the foreseeable future. In an ever-changing world, a constant we hold dear is your support inspiring us to innovatively turn challenges into opportunities in service of our Southern Tier community. Thank you!

In partnership,

Natasha R. Thompson President & CEO

40th Year Pledge!

Our shared mission of building and sustaining hunger-free communities is at the heart of our work together, with our values guiding how we achieve the vision of a future without hunger. As we commemorate our 40th year of service, we make the commitment to YOU that the values of integrity, learning, respect, inclusion, caring, and abundance are far more than words on a page. They inspire how we engage our neighbors in need, shape the interactions both inside our building and outside these walls, and strengthen our relationship with you, our partner to end hunger. Stay tuned for news of our value-driven developments, innovations, and explorations throughout the year, as we strive to be even better.