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Meet Our Team

Food Bank Executive Team

Natasha R. Thompson
President & CEO
Phone: (607) 796-6061 

Tim Currie
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4032

Jennifer Edger
Director of Community Programs
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4037

Matthew Griffin
Director of Agency Services & Nutrition
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4026

Michelle Benedict-Jones
Vice President of Development and Community Engagement
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4045

Dave Patterson
Director of Warehouse Operations
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4022

Janet Wells
Director of Business Services
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4011

Advocacy & Education

Jennifer Bertron
Child Nutrition Programs Navigator 
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4056

Christine Ector
Hunger Education Coordinator VISTA
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4031

Mary Laurey
SNAP Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (607)796-6061 x4014

Randi Quackenbush
Advocacy & Education Manager
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4039

Business Services

Lisa Mallacoccio
Business Systems Coordinator
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4036

Caroline Tolbert
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4000

James Wade
Business Services Coordinator
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4020

Development & Community Engagement

Michelle Bohart
Community Engagement Coordinator
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4033

Jennifer Burbank
Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4043 

Olivia Consol
Communications Coordinator
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4023

Tina Culligan
Senior Donor Relations Specialist
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4010

Danielle Farnbaugh
Grants Manager
Phone (607) 796-6061 x4025

Krista Matia
Donor & Community Engagement Manager
Phone (607) 796-6061 x4055

Agency Services & Nutrition

Elisa Bernardo
Just Say Yes to Fruits & Vegetables Nutritionist
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4012

Bethany Britton
Agency Services Assistant
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4052

Lyndsey Lyman
Agency Capacity & Engagement Coordinator  
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4017

Paddy Redihan
Just Say Yes to Fruits & Vegetables Manager
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4046

Vickie Steck
Agency Services & Compliance Coordinator
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4016

Community Programs

Joseph Kent
Mobile Food Pantry Driver

Mark Lisi
Mobile Food Pantry Manager
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4047

Mandolyn McConaha
Youth Programs Coordinator
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4024

Gary Seeley
Mobile Food Pantry Driver

Greg Washburn
Mobile Food Pantry Driver

Warehouse Operations 

Jim Congdon
Warehouse Driver

Tyler Haischer
Production Assistant

Melissa Knowles
Food Sourcing Manager
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4029

Earl Leonard
Production Manager
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4018

Andrew Magoon
Safety, Compliance & Maintenance Coordinator
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4028

Joe Reed
Warehouse Driver

Ken Ryan
Warehouse Worker

Brian Standt
Retail Store Pickup Driver

Kurtis Williams
Warehouse Receiving Specialist
Phone: (607) 796-6061 x4027

388 Upper Oakwood Ave.
Elmira, New York 14903

Phone: 607.796.6061
Fax: 607.796.6028
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-4

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