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Very Important Volunteer Awards sponsored by M&T Bank


Thursday, April 9, 2020



5:00 – 6:00 pm


Food Bank of the Southern Tier


By special invitation, our wonderful volunteers who have donated 10 or more hours in our warehouse.


Because our volunteers donated more than 40,000 hours of time this year. We cannot do what we do with them!

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Did You know?

In 2018, our amazing volunteers gave 43,286 hours of their time. That is equivalent to 24 full-time staff members – an expense the Food Bank could not support. Volunteers sorted and repacked 1.6 million pounds of food and grocery products and packed more than 120,000 bags of food for kids in our BackPack Program last year.

What are the VIVAs?

VIVAs = Very Important Volunteer Awards
This event is an opportunity for the Food Bank to recognize and thank our valued volunteers for all of their time, efforts and help in achieving our vision of creating a future without hunger.

Award Categories

Volunteer Excellence
Presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to the Food Bank through time, actions, and long-standing dedication to volunteering.

Volunteer Duo
Presented to two individuals who are role models for compassion and service and strive to make the world a better place by volunteering together on a regular basis.

Excellence in Collaboration
Presented to an influential group whose contributions and partnership with the Food Bank have resulted in a greater collective impact than one organization could achieve on its own.

Excellence in Community Service
Presented to a corporate group whose culture encourages and empowers staff to volunteer. Their efforts and support have made a positive impact on our volunteer program and in our community.

Junior Volunteer of the Year
Presented to a volunteer under age 18 for extraordinary service and dedication to our mission and whose
continuous contributions of time have made an impact on ending hunger in our communities.

Volunteer of the Year
Presented to an individual who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to volunteerism, has frequently helped at special events and other occasions, and consistently goes above and beyond to help end hunger in our communities.

Full Circle Award
Presented to an individual who is a dedicated and long-standing volunteer, donor, and advocate. They actively, and publicly, advocate for the Food Bank’s mission and for social and political change to help end hunger in our communities.

2019 VIVA Winners

SS1 0969 - VIVAs

Frank Bohman
Volunteer of the Year

SS1 0957 - VIVAs

Mel Winton
Volunteer Excellence Honorable Mention

Tom Zacharias
Mobile Food Pantry MFP
photo not available

SS1 0966 - VIVAs

McKenna Kagle
Jr. Volunteer of the Year

SS1 0972 - VIVAs

Ron Rehner
in memorium

Full Circle Award
Accepted by children Michelle Giacchino & Ron Rehner Jr.

SS1 0953 - VIVAs

Barb Richardson
Volunteer Excellence

SS1 0960 - VIVAs

First Heritage Federal Credit Union
Excellence in Collaboration
Accepted by Julie Monahan

SS1 0958 - VIVAs

Bill & Barb Powell
Volunteer Duo

SS1 0965 - VIVAs

Excellence in Community Service
Accepted by Lorri Thornton & Scott Snow

MT Bank - VIVAs

Thank you M&T Bank for your support and sponsorship of the 2020 VIVAs!

For more information, email Jennifer Harris, Volunteer Coordinator
607.796.6061 x4043