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We are grateful for support from these corporate partners:

In Kind Donations


It takes more than food to run the Food Bank and its many projects. We gladly accept donations of goods and services, and other gifts, ideas, and resources that help us fight hunger. If you have time, talent, or treasure, you can contribute.

Professional services

  • Consulting (human resources, operations, information technology)
  • Graphic design, printing
  • Painting, plumbing, electrical
  • Vehicle cleaning and maintenance

Other goods and services

  • Ad space in promotional and marketing outlets
  • Auction items for events (gift certificates, airline tickets, travel packages)
  • Boxes
  • Commercial kitchen supplies and equipment
  • Event-related equipment and supplies
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Telecommunications equipment

Retail Store Donation Program

Benefits of Partnering with the Food Bank of the Southern Tier

  1. Donating food saves disposal costs of unsaleable food
  2. There is no transportation fee food is picked up free of charge
  3. Valuable floor space is not wasted with storage of surplus food
  4. Your brand integrity is maintained through approved and monitored community social service agencies
  5. Product inventory is tracked in case of product recall
  6. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act protects you from civil and criminal liability

Food Recovery Brochure

Food Recovery Guidelines

Click the above images for a larger view or to download.

Corporate Rewards

  1. Receive a valuable tax credit
  2. Gain public recognition
  3. Support the community where you do business and where your employees live
  4. Provide nutritional food to hungry people, including at-risk populations such as children and seniors.

Donation Possibilities

Your company has an important choice! Landfill your surplus/unsaleable products or participate in an alternative that exists to feed your hungry neighbors in need. The Food Bank of the Southern Tier provides a valuable option even when compared to the secondary market. Consider these possibilities for donation:

  • Close to code items; uut of code with extended use-by dates
  • Discontinued items; Mislabeled items
  • Unlabeled items; Test product inventory
  • Off-spec items; Packaging changes
  • Partial cases; Promotional or seasonal items
  • Overruns; Bulk or food service size
  • Prepared and perishable items; Customer returns or refusals
  • Reclamation or salvage products; Private label items and more

It’s Easy To Get Started

When considering a donation of surplus or unsaleable product, contact the Food Bank of the Southern Tier for donation assistance. We can simplify the process by helping you do the following:

  1. Determine types of food or grocery product that can be donated
  2. Discuss frequency of donations
  3. Design a product pickup schedule that is convenient
  4. Consider what receipts and acknowledgements are needed
  5. Discuss any concerns that you may have
  6. Plan a tour of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier’s warehouse facility

For more information on Food Recovery at the Food Bank of the Southern Tier please reach out to Kathleen Pasetty Food Recovery Coordinator 607.796.6061 x 4058.

More Ways To Help

Sometimes donating product is just the first step; often, companies choose to do more. Don’t overlook opportunities that engage your employees, build team spirit, or demonstrate good corporate policy. The Food Bank of the Southern Tier could use your support with:

  1. Company volunteer participation
  2. Warehouse equipment in-kind donations
  3. Corporate sponsorship or monetary support
  4. Cause marketing programs

For more information on Food Recovery at the Food Bank of the Southern Tier please reach out to Kathleen Pasetty Food Recovery Coordinator 607.796.6061 x 4058.

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