SNAP - Formerly known as the "Food Stamp Program"

As the nation’s premier defense against hunger, SNAP/Food Stamps have proven to be a benefit to both families and local businesses. They provide hunger relief for people with low incomes, and stimulate economic activity by bringing federal SNAP/Food Stamp dollars into local communities.

Chemung County residents interested in a free confidential prescreening
or needing more information may contact:

   Mary Laurey, SNAP Outreach Coordinator
   at 607.796.5592 or email

For SNAP/Food Stamp assistance in the following Southern Tier counties, please call the numbers listed below:

Broome County: 607.723.8313 x827
Schuyler County: 607.535.5133
Steuben County: 607.776.8085 x213
Tioga County: 607.873.4036
Tompkins County: 607.272.5062 x21

SNAP/Food Stamp Myths

MYTH: Food Stamps are welfare.
FACT: The SNAP Program is a nutrition assistance program. It helps low income people buy nutritious foods. It is not welfare.

MYTH: Only unemployed people can get SNAP/Food Stamps.
FACT: Most people who work at low wage jobs can get SNAP benefits. Many working people use SNAP benefits to help make ends meet.

MYTH: You can’t get Food Stamps if you own a car.
FACT: The amount of SNAP/Food Stamp benefits depends on household size, income certain expenses. A mother with two children who works full time at $7 per pays $350 in rent could receive $180 in SNAP benefits per month.

MYTH: Other people will know I use SNAP/Food Stamps.
FACT: Shopping with SNAP benefits is easier now. People who get benefits get an electronic card. You use the benefits by running the card a machine at the grocery store. Other people will not know you use food benefits.

Prepared by a project of Hunger Solutions New York, USDA/FNS, and NYSOTDA. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

For more information, dial 2-1-1 (or 1-800-346-2211) or visit
You might be eligible to receive monthly food assistance through SNAP (food stamps). Click here to learn more, or call 607-796-5592.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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