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You Can Make A Difference At Any Age

It’s very important to Julie Monahan that her children understand the value of a dollar and the value of giving.

The Horseheads mother of two is the business development and sales manager at First Heritage Federal Credit Union and a volunteer member of a Food Bank board committee.

In addition to volunteering their time at the Food Bank, Kegan, 13, and Pyper, 8, donate half their weekly allowance as Food Bank Full Plate Partners, the Food Bank’s program for committed monthly donors.

“I ask them to spend, save, and give,” Julie says. “We looked at many options for ways to give as a family and we decided on the Food Bank. They truly realize the impact they are making, and they understand that the tables could turn and we – anyone – could be on the other side of the table.”

Pyper says, “Some people just don’t have enough food. I like that I’m helping kids and families in need.”

Kegan says he doesn’t even miss the money he gives because Full Plate Partner donations are automatically deducted monthly.

“It’s important to give back and the amount doesn’t matter,” he says. “Every little bit makes a difference.”

Kegan is right — every dollar donated to the Food Bank can provide three meals for our neighbors in need.

For more information on how to give monthly and pledge as a Full Plate Partner, log on to or contact Tina Culligan, annual fund coordinator, at 607-796-6061 ext. 4010.